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Muggle Witch

This is who I am...

20 April

The Fangirl
Sally. Wife. Sister. Friend. Writer. Teacher. Geek.

The Fandoms
Supernatural. Dr Horrible. Firefly. Star Wars. Dr Who. Dollhouse. Buffy. Harry Potter. NCIS. Demonata. Cirque Du Freak. M*A*S*H. Angel. Underworld. Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Journal
Welcome to my lj! It is 90% friends only, and just the random fandom ramblings are public...You are more than welcome to friend me and comment here to be added. (I ♥ new friends)

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The Writing Projects
Currently writing in a HP RPG, bah_rpg, and previously wrote in pr_rpg. We are always looking for new writers/characters!

I am also working on my first co-written book, and in the early stages of plotting out an original solo book.

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