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A rant/disscusion

Ok. I have heard a lot of bashing in fandom of JKR. Her characters were OOC, she was on crack, the epi was cheesy, so forth and so on.

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Now, the comments are open for discussion. You can agree or disagree with me. We all have our own opinions and I want to hear yours. :D
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DH Discussion...

lewlinx posed the question: Would anything make you throw HP7 and not read the end?

Before I answer I want to preface. I watched the first movie when it came out on DVD and then read SS-GoF Fall 2001. I instantly fell in love with them.

I waited in line at Midnight that Summer and got OotP. I immediately loathed Umbridge and wanted to strangle her. Then she killed Sirius almost as a footnote. (Thus why this is my least favorite book.) I almost threw the book then and there, but was too shocked.

Then we got HBP in 2005. I had mentally prepared myself for Dumbledore to die so I took that ok. But the funeral and the ending …my husband said I was curled up in bed hitting the book go “No!No!No!” I don’t remember, but in my defense I also had not slept for 48 hours.

Now on to DH- the thing that would make me the most upset is if Lupin dies. He is the true last link to Harry’s parents and one of my favorite characters. If JKR kills him she might as well kill Harry too. ..but since I see Harry making it :-)

Since I’ve turned this into a HP death post…

I do see a Weasley dying. I don’t see how they can all survive. Percy would be the best to die…then maybe Charlie :-S Anyone else would be unbearable, especially Ginny or Ron. Molly will live because she is like a mum to Harry and to take that from Harry would be cruel.

Wormtail will die saving Harry. And of course Voldy will get it in the end. I see a couple of Order members dying too. Not brave enough to predict that though…

So who do you think will die, and what would make you throw and not finish reading DH?
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A discussion...

I recently read a post asking for good Hermione moments in the films. The more I think about the it, the more I realize I really hate Hermione in the films. I don't know what it is about her; she just annoys me to no end. Could be the super!hermione and taking over POA...could be stealing all of the Weasley's lines (although, I know that is the writer, not her, but still)

Anyway, to the point of this post. I want to open up a discussion.

Why do you like/dislike Hermione? Do you like her better in the movie or books? What are your favorite Hermione moments (book and/or movie)?
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I used the time that lj was down yesterday to finish up things on my site. I’ve added some of the fandoms to the site already. Star Wars, CSI, Firefly, Serenity, X-Men (comic), Final Fantasy (game) are among those that are already up. Let me know if there is one that you would like to see there and I will add it.

The Harry Potter category also has a new sub-category. Ships. Yes, I am still an all out H/G shipper, but we are now accepting all ships there…maybe even Snape/Hermione just for you, sarahetc…Maybe I should add a ‘ships category for Firefly/Serenity too. ;-) (I do plan on adding a Firefly skin soon)

and JP...you are the best. Thanks for the banner! *back to work*
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POA fan-fic

I've been listening to POA and remebered a fan-fic that was POA from Lupin's pov. I want to try and find it again but can't remember the name or author. I think it was on PS...can anyone help?
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Halloween Icons

I was bored and made a hand full of Halloween icons. They are over at a multimedia journal I started which has some of the older things I made before I got a cool computer so some may be really bad! (You've been warned)

Feel free to friend it as I will post all icons, etc. over there now and will not link to them from my private journal.