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New RPG!

I am very pleased to announce my new writing project, bah_rpg!

The Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter, defeated He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named in June of 1998. Everyone in the wizarding world knows him, as well as those close to him. But what of the rest of us? Some of us fought alongside our friends during the Battle of Hogwarts. Some of us were already adults, perhaps in England, perhaps elsewhere. We are all different, yet have one common tie. Our lives were changed by the war. We also experienced heartache and loss as well as joy.

Blood has been shed and while scars may fade, healing is not always an easy task.

Join us now, ten years later. See our lives, and not just the lives of those in the Daily Prophet. Share our trials and triumphs. Our tears and smiles. We may not have our names written in history books, but we know what we’ve done and that is all that matters.

Blood and Healing is a present day Harry Potter Genre RPG, and is DH compliant. It is not however JKR interview compliant.

I am writing with some very talented authors that I have had the pleasure of writing with for little over 2 years now on various projects, and this should be a blast.

On behalf of all the writers, we hope you will check it out and tell us what you think!
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